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  Windows Email Setup

This page shows the email setup for Windows Mail (Vista), click the button above to display the email setup for other email clients.
You can always access your email using ACS Webmail, click this link to view instructions on how to do this.
Windows Mail Email Set up
     Click on Start (circle with flag),
left click on E-mail Windows Mail
     Click on Tools > Accounts
     Click on Add...
     Select E-mail Account and click Next
     Type in the Display Name and click Next
     Type in your email address and click Next
     The Incoming e-mail server is a POP3 server
Type in your Incoming server name:
Type in your Outgoing server name:
Click Next
     You will see your E-mail username:
Enter you Password:
Click Next
     Click Finsh, the account should be setup
Close your Internet Accounts if open
     To receive your email you can click on Send/Receive on your toolbar

If you receive any errors please feel free to call the help desk, 1 877-290-0560
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